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Awareness campaign launched on Business Email Compromise

A cybercrime called Business Email Compromise (BEC) poses a serious threat to criminal companies and individuals globally. The number of casualties as a result of funds transferred and legalized through beneficiary bank accounts is quite high.

Thus, within the framework of the Global BEC Awareness Campaign, held on October 15 – November 15, 2019, INTERPOL calls the community for avoiding payment to bank accounts under the control of criminals and fight against Business Email Compromise which is a form of cybercrime. To that end, INTERPOL aims to disseminate weekly anti-crime messages through the use of social media platforms to reduce the global impact of cybercrime and financial crime and protect people for a safer world.  The Financial Monitoring Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan has also decided to support this campaign as part of its partnership with INTERPOL.

The third week of the campaign (October 28) touches on issues such as cyber security, the need for antivirus software downloads, regular security checks, fake payment requests, unexpected changes to bank accounts, and urgent payment requests.

You can get further information on the campaign materials by clicking the links below: