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Employees of the Financial Monitoring Service attend the training on “Open Source Intelligence”

On November 25 2019, Financial Monitoring Service of Azerbaijan Republic (FMS) in collaboration with Baku office of the Council of Europe participates in organization of the training related to the implementation of the project on “Strengthening Anti-Money Laundering and Asset Recovery in Azerbaijan” within the framework of the second round of the Partnership for good Governance (PGGII) Program by EU/CoE to expand cooperation and to strengthen potential in the field of AML/CFT.

Aim of the training on “Open Source Intelligence” is to acknowledge participants with required advanced methods and strategies to collect open source investigation information efficiently for enhancing measures in combating AML/CFT.

It is worthy mentioning that besides the employees of the FMS, employees of Anti-Corruption General Directorate with the Prosecutor General also attend the 5-days training that will last until November 29.