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Cooperation between the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Financial Monitoring Service is carried out in a number of directions.First of all, the Ministry of Justice is the central executive authority that carries out legal expertise, state record-keeping and state registration of normative legal acts and normative acts. Therefore, the Financial Monitoring Service closely cooperates with the Ministry of Justice in its activities related to formation of national legislation in AML/CFT field and their tailoring to the international standards.

At the same time, the Ministry of Justice is the governmental agency that supervises the observance of AML/CFT legislation requirements by the non-governmental organizations that receive, collect, issue or transfer funds as a part of their activity and notaries .  Pursuant to this function, via the Ministry of Justice, the monitoring entities supervised by the Ministry were provided with relevant normative and methodological documents on red flags on suspicious transactions, requirements towards compliance officers, and submission of data to the monitoring authority.

Besides, the Financial Monitoring Service together with the Justice Academy of the Ministry of Justice delivered trainings and seminars to the relevant monitoring entities, as well as judges and employees of law-enforcement bodies.