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Pursuant to the legislation, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the government agencies participating in AML/CFT activities. Thus, movement of criminal funds or funds intended for the financing of  terrorism can be carried out not only through financial systems, but also through smuggling. Therefore, establishment of a relevant control system at the customs border is one of the important means of combating ML/FT.Based on the above-mentioned, information exchange system was established between the State Customs Committee and the Financial Monitoring Service on sharing information about the persons who has one or other connection to the countries (territories) not cooperating on AML/CFT sphere and try to bring into or take from the territory of Azerbaijan currency values.  This information exchange system also covers the currency values transferred through the customs border of Azerbaijan in the manner established in the Law “On Currency Regulation”.

AML/CFT-related trainings and seminars are conducted within the cooperation between the State Customs Service and the Financial Monitoring Service.