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The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the authority that supervises observance of the AML/CFT legislation requirements by the credit institutions as well as those providing leasing services. Thereby  and within the cooperation between the Central Bank and the Financial Monitoring Service, credit institutions receive relevant methodological assistance and their employees are provided with series of trainings and seminars on formation of AML/CFT system.The topics of the trainings and seminars covered the formation of internal control system in the credit institutions on AML/CFT, identification of compliance officers, detection of suspicious transactions, submission of relevant information to the Financial Monitoring Service and other important matters

Along with this, the Central Bank also conducts necessary administrative and control measures in connection with observance of the AML/CFT legislation requirements by credit organizations and their submitting data to the Financial Monitoring Service.

As a result of joint cooperation with the Central Bank, the credit institutions provide the Financial Monitoring Service with the relevant data in compliance with the AML/CFT legislation requirements and the process is consistently going on.