Internal cooperation

FMS works in close cooperation with a number of state bodies for the purpose of AML/CFT in Azerbaijan.

The exchange of information on financial intelligence and suspicious transactions between the relevant government agencies makes significant contribution to improving the picture of AML/CFT in our country, helps to detect and prevent criminal activity. As a result of this partnership, FMS seeks to strengthen national security and the economic system together with the relevant government agencies.

Thus, ensuring mutual and effective cooperation between the relevant government agencies on AML/CFT and coordination of activities covering various areas is the priority for the FMS.

Cooperation between the bodies operating in the field of AML/CFT is provided on the basis of relevant legal and regulatory acts. The main areas for cooperation in the field of AML/CFT are (i) mutual exchange of information; (ii) ensuring joint usage of databases; (iii) responding to requests for legal assistance; (iv) conducting joint research, preparing analytical and methodological materials; (v) joint preparation of normative acts; (vi) the organization of conferences, seminars, and trainings.

Domestic cooperation is also carried out within the framework of the Anti-Corruption Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Coordination Council for the National Risk Assessment of the System for Anti- Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing.

According to the relevant legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the list of relevant bodies interacting with the Financial Monitoring Service is given below:
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