15.07.2022 14:00

Egmont Group held Annual Plenary

Annual Egmont Group (EG) Plenary, organized this year by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Latvia, took place on July 10-15, 2022.

Mr. Fuad Aliyev, director of the Cooperation department of the Financial Monitoring Service, member and vice-chairman of the Egmont Committee's Membership, Support and Compliance working group, attended the meeting.

Each Plenary focuses on one central theme, in addition to operational discussions. This year’s theme was “New ways to drive fıu effectiveness in a risk-based environment”.

Meetings of regional groups, as well as heads of FIUs continued 6 days through three sessions and important strategic decisions were made. 

It should be noted that EG, which was founded in 1995 to improve international cooperation between FIUs, currently has 167 members. The main goal of EG is to provide assistance to the organization of FIUs, to expand and systematize international cooperation in the field of mutual information exchange, and to organize trainings and educational trips in order to increase the level of experience and professionalism of FIU employees.

More than 300 representatives from FIUs and international organizations participated in the event.

15-07-2022 | 14:00
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